Links Golf – Connecting Lives. Links Golf exists to connect people. We aim to achieve this in a number of ways:

Our style has always been one of long-term friendship building. Our events provide opportunity for golfers to connect, and often, to stay connected! We don’t have ‘clients’ or ‘attendees’, our heart is to always add friends. Many of those who attend the various Links events have done so for years and our community runs pretty deep. New people are always being added to the Links family and we are committed to creating space for golfers to build authentic friendships.

Somewhat obviously, Links Golf is passionate about this beautiful game and we recognise its uniqueness to create both community and conversation. At the heart of who we are as a charity are respect and love for the game – this is seen in our supporting PGA Pros, Bernard Firkins and Patrick Flynn. We also enjoy a range of golfing venues and formats, offering something for both the novice and the low handicapper. People will always be more important than golf, just!

...or at least the possibility of it. Links Golf is run by a team of committed Christians and together we believe that friendship through and around golf is a wonderful environment to explore a few of life’s bigger questions. We never preach at people, nor will we. We aim to live out our own faith with our friends and create opportunities for discussion. We enjoy sharing the difference that Jesus Christ has made in our own lives and work to create opportunities to make this possible.

Stay Connected